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Vile Escape is a zombie apocalypse top-down shooter. Players explore hand crafted levels while fighting through hordes of zombies to escape the infested area. Deadly zombies that explode and spit pools of acid await the player as they begin their escape.

This is a culmination of four months of hard work from our capstone team.


Allison Allbritton - Game / Level Design and Programming

Datorien Anderson (https://voidespy.itch.io/) - Game / Level Design and Programming 

Justin Heyen (https://justinheyen.itch.io/) - Game / Level Design and Programming

Frederick Braatz - Game / Level Design and Programming

Joseph Glanman - Game / Level Design and Programming

Hunter Hilburn - Game / Level Design and Programming

Timothy Cobb - 3D Art, Shaders, Game Design and Programming

Wayne Williams -  3D Art, Animation and Texturing

Joshua Connors - 3D Art, Animation and Texturing

Esteban Cross - 3D Art, Animation and Texturing


VileEscape.zip 199 MB

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